A couple of upgrades…

A new YAGI antenna for tapping into “free” marina WiFi. We are tied up 450 feet away from the marina office. One bar was unusable on our Internet router and all our devices (very common for campgrounds and marinas). But this directional YAGI antenna, which arrived today gave us solid full bars here on the boat’s network at the far side of the marina’s dock system. Zoom meetings, IP phone calls, and browsing, are all working great this afternoon.

Here you can see the metered LTE T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless SIM Cards are configured as Priority 2 “hot and ready” standby in case the marina WiFi fails.

3 thoughts on “A couple of upgrades…

  1. Just wondering what type of router your using that has the different priority settings for wifi/sim cards?
    I am looking to upgrade as I am not happy with mine.

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