Port Huron Team Photos

Shelly, Ray, Colleen, Tony, Kathy, Bruce of Shellerina, Lady Kadey, and Escape in Port Huron MI. Great dinner together at http://www.vintagetavern.net

We were able to negotiate down a 60+ minute wait for dinner (party of six) to “zero wait” by suggesting the 3 boys take one table, and the 3 girls at another table. The hostess, Barbie, agreed!

So we all got fed in a timely manner, and all the girls and boys were perfectly happy with this special arrangement! LOL

Sweetheart “Jill” our waitress, even kept our checks straight for the three couples across two tables. (We think she is a mathematics grad student during the academic year.)

Back on the dock…

A passer by, named “Scott”, agreed to take our second “team photo” only if we included him on the Blog post. “OK, Deal.”
So, here is Scott! Thank Cap!

The staff at River Street Marina gas been GREAT! They even shuttled me into town to the local grocery store on the marina’s golf cart! (No arrests were made.)

A repeat performance with the golf cart is planned for tomorrow as we are expecting some Rx meds being delivered to the local CVS pharmacy.

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