The HEAD is down.

So, living on a boat! What a life! It’s all such a great life!

Well, in the name of honesty and journalistic integrity, we have to report that its not all fun and games. There are weather events, and systems that fail. Like the the HEAD!

There are a number of head pics that we definitely don’t want to publish. But, I guess this one is benign enough.

We have a Jabsco Electric Head “maintenance kit” coming in… shipped to this marina. It is expected Thursday. We were hoping for “next day” but it looks like we’ll be here a bit longer than we planned, in order to get the parts.

At first, several hours were expended trying to find a pro who could fix this for us. But it eventually became clear, it was going to be necessary for ME to become the expert who will fix this system.

Every marina in metro Buffalo has a two to three week backlog of service orders ahead of us. We cannot wait here for two weeks or more! So I gotta fix this thing!

More to follow.

Thursday 6/17/2021 Status Report (2:00pm):

Parts arrived (UPS delivery issues experienced there… long story.)

Head is rebuilt and working!

But there is a leak to chase down before we can declare total victory.

At least it is better to remove a Head with clean test water in it than… well… what I had to deal with last evening! LOL

Thursday 6/17/2021 Status Report (9:00pm)

After a second Uber trip to the local hardware store to secure nuts and bolts the correct size to improve the flange connection of the electric motor to the pump and macerator housing (for a better seal than original design), Ray declares, “What are the chances for a leak now? ZERO!?!”

Seriously, there is NO WAY this sucker is going to leak now!

I would like to thank my Admiral Shelly, and Uber Drivers: Ahmed, Antoine, Taylor, William, and Kannan, as well as the sales associate and warehouse shippers at who made our Head rebuild job a success! We really could not have done it without you! I also have to thank Jabsco’s “Mike” in their USA Beverly MA center for his telephone support today!

Back in business!

One key to happiness in life:

“Take nothing for granted!”


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