Quinn Family Rendezvous on the Erie Canal: Weedsport Rte 34 bridge/wall.

Long time friend, Eric Quinn, and I have been talking about a rendezvous near his home on the Erie Canal for a year or two.

Covid19 and an emergency appendectomy may have interfered a bit, but tonight on Shellerina’s westward quest we met up with Eric, his wife Nicole, son Kyle, and daughter Taylor. We welcomed them aboard Shellerina and pushed off to the east a bit to navigate under a favorite 1-lane “Bonta Bridge“.

Both Kyle and Taylor worked their shifts behind the upper helm. They used both the bow thruster and the hydraulic steering-wheel systems to keep us free of flotsam on the canal.

The prize was to pass beneath their favorite 1-lane Bonta Bridge which I have never been over. But reportedly, it is quite an adventure, especially when another vehicle wants to cross in the opposite direction!

Kyle has been over this bridge countless times. But I think this was his first time passing under it!!!

Eric Quinn, aka “Dad”, still recovering from surgery a few days ago, served as navigator so we would know where to go, and how to get back before the skies opened up on us with a bit of “liquid” sunshine.


We also had the opportunity to meet Eric’s parents, Larry and Janet, back at the wall near Rte 34.

Logistics expert Eric also coordinated the “final mile” delivery of our “marriage savers” communication headsets. More on that system tomorrow!


A good day… back “On the road again!”

4 thoughts on “Quinn Family Rendezvous on the Erie Canal: Weedsport Rte 34 bridge/wall.

  1. Thanks Ray a d She’ll! We loved it! Sorry for the unfortunate medical issues, but glad you had a nice stay in B’ville and our little canal village of Weedsport.

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