Crescent Boat Club – a real gem!

After finishing The Flight, and feeling accomplished, and quite tired frankly, we just wanted a nice place to dock with heat/shore power. We discovered the Crescent Boat Club! It is just past nav buoy C “17” west of The Waterford Flight.

This member-owned club/facility breeds a very friendly fleet of boaters who love each other AND they welcome transients like us to join the fun!

They even accommodated an 80 foot yacht pictured here,

There were instant friends made in the clubhouse bar like Diane who also owns a Mainship 390 like us. Then there was Tammy and Joyce who offered to take me to West Marine and the local grocery store the next day. These folks would be offended if we used Uber!

Ray & Tammy

We got a slip easy for Shelly to get to, on a new dock , and we took hot showers, etc.

Joyce’s Chicken Chili was our supper on Monday night (Memorial Day). It was fantastic! Watch for the recipe.

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