What a day!

It all started with breakfast!

Then, as we headed out the Lindenhurst Cut we saw a Mainship 390… very similar to ours. POThe swim platform on this one is not typical; it’s shorter. An interesting change from the original design. They docked at Cedar Beach Marina… so we may go ashore to meet them.

Then we both jumped in for a while; the water was a very nice 72F.


The Summer Solstice just occurred a few minutes ago at 5:44pm ET. Longest day of the year.

More papers e-signed on the purchase of the Mainship this hour. The Internet service was not adequate out at CB Cove this afternoon. So we came back to S-Dock to sign… now heading back to anchor for the night.

Anchored back at Cedar for what might be out last overnight aboard this Shellerina. In a few days, maybe next weekend this boat will be transferred to Kim and Josh. So, we are getting our last licks in!

I have started working on an equipment list for them so they know what not to buy.

As the sun goes down, Shelly radiates with her inner beauty!

It is going to be a magical evening and morning here on the hook, our favorite place to sleep and wake!

Note that she does not need corrective lenses since her cataract surgery on Monday this past week! She uses ‘readers’ sometimes; but she is in great shape now, five days after cataract surgery. For those of you who don’t know, the man-made replacement lens that they put in with this procedure is a corrective lens, improving one’s sight in more than one way!

Pizza on the Magma Grill/Oven on the Starboard quarter.

Done to perfection!

Nice crunchy crust, great cheese and tomato sauce up top.

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