Is Moriches navigable?!

The east-west inside channel through Moriches, south shore of Long Island, was not navigable for several seasons due to shoaling. This made us have to go outside for a 47 mile trip from Fire Island Inlet to Shinnecock Inlet, which means needing to have ideal weather conditions for our small 27 footer.

Last year during Labor Day weekend at Riverhead, we learned from locals that dredging had opened up the E-W channel through Moriches! So that made our return trip a lot more relaxing.

Today, I have it on good authority that Moriches has NOT shoaled back up, and it is safe and open to make that passage on the inside.

I am posting this in hopes that people searching for safety information about Moriches will know they can plan trips through that area this season!

There has NOT been a lot of good information about this on-line. This is one guy trying to change that!

Be safe afloat!

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