Second overnight of the season…

We had Shelly’s Lobster Rolls for supper aboard tonight.

Ray coached a couple who are first year boaters… they went out for a bit but turned back due to white caps etc. Good choice. But then they had to figure out how to dock into their slip!

We’ll keep coaching so long as we see them following our tips!!! e.g. #1: PFDs on the kids!!!, also getting a reliable VHF and SeaTow membership, learning how the wind affects their boat, etc. We also donated our waterproof NOAA Chart of Great South Bay to them… and recommended they both bring it out on the boat AND bring it home to study and plan their adventures from the dining room table.

Nice people to welcome to S-Dock. It was good to hear that they have Progressive Insurance whose Sign & Glide towing service *should* be as good as the others like SeaTow and BoatUS. This is our first year with Progressive too; hopefully we don’t need to learn firsthand how good it is!

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