Pea Soup!

Waking up on the hook is my favorite. On the ocean at sunrise is daily the most beautiful place to be. It’s always different … even if in the same place.

This morning we can’t see anything – a thick fog surrounds us. Yet it is magic. Oh for sure, everything we left out in the cockpit is totally soaked by a heavy dew! But it’s still awesome to take it all in … even the sounds all around us. Birds are sounding their notes, fish jump, the occasional lost fly buzzes by.

What I love about this spot, just north of Fox Island in Great South Bay, is vehicular traffic is a distant barely audible din. We are not near any roadways! This reminds me of waking up at Shellerina’s Rock in Harrison Maine. It is not easy to find a place like this here on Long Island.

It’s finally starting to lift now. It will burn off.

The transition is always a remarkable thing to witness.

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