Too windy to go out today. Otherwise, it was a perfect day, but the boiling waters of Great South Bay were only braved by those who can stomach a very bumpy [and wet] ride.

Our next door neighbors aboard Adalie May went out and are not back yet, … after dark. Their car is still here. So hopefully they are secured someplace safe. We spoke of doing BBQ tonight, earlier in the day.

We could have gone out during the morning hours, before the wind kicked up. But I had a battery charger replacement project that took all morning. New unit is “smarter” than the old one. So, we are learning about its characteristics.

It is said, “A man with two watches does NOT know what time it is!” While I may not know precisely what the boat’s effective voltage is with this new charger, I know it’s working!

Some Precip is forecast for tomorrow. But, we hope get out there in between the liquid sunshine events.

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