Pushed off early

It started to blow around 4:00am, and Sailors Haven isn’t that protected especially with the wind out of the NE. So we came up with a plan for a graceful exit and pushed off around 6:00am.

It can get “exciting” leaving a slip when it is blowing hard. But if you work together, and take things one step at a time, strategically planning the untying and release of lines, it can be a well orchestrated excercise in seamanship.

Once underway, we decided to keep the speed to a relaxing 7.5mph for the 14 mile ride home.

Tough to know what the weather will be today as there are some conflicting signs. Some intermittent light rain.

We anchored at our familiar Cedar Beach, but this time on the east end because of the wind’s direction. The slips are about 75% occupied, a sure sign that summer is here finally!

No sign of the white caps here like we saw early this morning at Sailors Haven. I wonder if it calmed down there?

Shelly is in the galley preparing some breakfast sandwiches. Smells great!

The sun is trying hard to poke through.

The sourdough bread breakfast sandwich was the second most aesthetic thing I experienced this whole vacation!

1:00pm Report: First time jumping in this season! 69.5F water here at Cedar Beach. Shaved my face. Very refreshing.

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