Coney Island – Chili – etc.

A famous place… at least we can now say we’ve been there. …Had the best hot dog ever! <wink>

The NY Aquarium was more like a ZOO with lots of juvenile humans trucked in by a dozen or more yellow school busses.

Back at Emmon Ave across the street from Sheepshead Yacht Club, the newest addition to the neighborhood deserves a try, don’t you think?

Maybe not this trip:

Shelly just got started on her latest inspiration. “Heaven” has some competition right here aboard the Shellerina.

Gotta love it: “Heaven can wait” until next time Shellerina visits Sheepshead Bay.

OK, so I just had a bowl of this chili, and the only thing wrong with this meal is that there isn’t a dozen other people on board to enjoy it with us!

Soooo tasty. Thank you Honey! I wish a picture or my words could tell everyone how good this creation tastes. Meet us at the dock for left overs when we get back!!!

Again: neither words nor a pic can describe how good tonight’s meal was.

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