Sheepshead Bay Yacht Club – Brooklyn NYC

6:30am push off from Lindenhurst

6:00am preparing to leave Marine Max marina in Lindenhurst NY

7:15am Jones Beach

7:30am Jones Inlet

9:00am Rockaway Point

9:30am Sheepshead Bay

It was starting to get choppy as we came upon Rockaway Point. So we pulled into Rockaway Inlet and this nice harbor called Sheepshead Bay to the north. Marc tells us that this Emmons Ave area is one of Brooklyn’s thriving restaurant neighborhoods; so we hope to get ashore and explore.

12:15pm secured for the night, on a mooring with launch service by “Tommy” and “Jessica” till 9:00pm.

Sheepshead Bay Yacht Club CH68

We had several hours of great conversation with Tommy and Charlie back at Sheepshead Bay Yacht Club. We are definitely coming back here this season.

We will make another attempt for heading north for tomorrow morning. Early morning starts are the trick for cruising by motorboat. That’s when the sea is most calm.

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