Marine Max’s mini Bird Sanctuary. 

Pictured above, behind our bow flag (a US  Union Jack), you can see a small marshland.  It probably originated from dredging, many decades ago.   It is something all of us in our part of Marine Max, Lindenhurst NY, navigate around every time we go out or come back in.  

Our first two seasons here we did not have an appreciation for this area.  This is our third season here on the South Shore of Long Island.   Last Spring, a slip opened up on the other side of S-Dock, one with a finger.  So, we decided to move, as reported in a blog post earlier this year.   From our new slip, our bow now faces this area that goes awash at high tide. 

One of my hobbies is wildlife photography.  When we moved here a couple years ago from Maine, I missed taking pictures of the Loons, Bald Eagles, deer, wild turkeys, and many other species.   My camera was not being used nearly as much as it was back in Maine.  

We spend a lot of time on the boat, we leave the slip more often than most.  But, we also spend a fair amount of time staying right at the slip.   For example, tonight will be 80th night we have slept aboard this season.   This year, with our bow facing this small marsh, we have seen a lot of wildlife activity, which means the camera is getting a lot more action!    E.g.   Some of these pics are new, some are in earlier blog posts:So, 

Why is this area so special?
Take a look at the area surrounding it:
This part of Long Island is thickly settled with lots of rooftops, lots of paved areas, and a highly developed shoreline.   Our miniature wildlife sanctuary provides these many species of seabirds a great and rare place to hang out!  

How lucky we are at Marine Max to have this wildlife airport right here in our midst!   

Species in photos above:  Mute Swan, Great Egret, Black Capped Night Heron, Canada Goose, Blue Heron.   Partial list of other species seen this year:  many different species of ducks, Black Skimmer, Herring Gull, Arctic Tern, Osprey, Kingfisher,

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