Vaca Day Four

New York Harbor with Anna Sirois aboard Miss Liberty.

AIS equipped vessels transmit their positions.    It has not caught on for most pleasure craft… yet!


One of the pleasure craft in NY Harbor, anchored very near Ellis Island, was this one.  Notice how she can have a full sized sail boat carried around with her!   Very nice.   Because of AIS I could tell her name is Le Grande Bleu; then my camera was able to confirm by zooming up.   I often google impressive boats that we see when underway in our own boat.

The current owner of this one is a Russian-American oil tycoon, Evgeny Markovich Shvidler, I wonder who he was in town visiting?

Anna and I coincidentally did ride a taxi past Trump Tower on 5th Avenue yesterday on way back to hotel from Central Park.    Impressive security detail outside the building, just sayin’.

A week later this boat started making the news.

You saw it here first!

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