Cedar Beach is getting busy!

You can see there are Land Yachts and many boats here now, in contrast to our May 20 post.    Summer is springing.  Nightly entertainment is here for the rest of the season.   The beach volleyball leagues also began this last week. 

Wonderous Stories (band’s name) tech tunes up the equipment for this venue.   Pretty cool how it’s all done with wifi now.   This band has been together for around 25 years, and they have a big following.   200 people showed up for this cool Memorial Day evening gig.  Mostly classic rock, good sound!   Good crowd!

They have these propane people heaters at Cedar Beach to take the edge off.  

I was betting there was going to be enough clearing for a sunset on the way back.  But there wasn’t.   It was just a little too cloudy.   Nonetheless, we salvaged a great boating day out of what was predicted to be a rainy washout by the weatherman.  

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