Memories of Shellerina in NYC

Meet our son, Nick!   The first pic above, is the night that he first arrived at MarineMax marina where we were living aboard Shellerina.   As you can see, he was exhausted after the long drive from Maine, his longest road trip to date.   A few days after Nick’s arrival, the three of us, aboard Shellerina, took our first voyage into New York City by boat!   We docked for that Saturday night at MarineMax marina at Chelsea Piers on the West Side.  After dark, Nick and Ray headed into Times Square, one of Nick’s favorite places to visit.

To get to NYC, a boat has to pass under the Verrazano Narrows Bridge which connects Long Island to Staten Island, and one has to navigate past the Statue of Liberty.   Shellerina has circumnavigated the island of Manhattan, and on the east side we took this picture of the United Nations building.    The picture at the bottom was taken by our dock mates Steve and Tina aboard their boat Simi on July 4, 2016, after a holiday weekend together in Sandy Hook Harbor NJ.   We were all cruising home to the south shore of Long Island after a few days with other dock mates, Marc and Colleen aboard their boat, Precious Cargo.   If you look closely at the horizon on this bottom pic, you can see the Manhattan skyline just above Shellerina, and the towers of the Verrazano Narrows bridge to the left!

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