America’s Great Loop is a +/- 6000 mile “loop” that one can navigate by boat to circumnavigate the Eastern USA. Our Loop began in Long Island NY on May 25, 2021 and we completed it about a year later on May 5, 2022. Loopers call that “crossing one’s wake.” Our blog chronicles an almost daily account. This list of links is a shortened “sample” of the key blog posts put up during our Great Loop. Of course, we think you might like going through all the blog posts in-between those shown below too!    (Some of our Loop Statistics & Costs)   (Illustrates the need to be flexible & change plans) more on locks on western Erie Canal a unique crossing on the Erie Canal   Interesting videos through low bridges Erie Canal    Our first exposure to Great Lakes  Stuff one can do on the Loop!    “Weather Windows” are key on open water   More stuff one can do!   More friends met along the way   Example of Dock Tales with other Loopers!    Slow down and save as much as $7500 on your Loop!    Racine – a Great marina!    Chicago’s bridges A noteworthy vendor along the Loop who will help you out.     Hazards on the Great Loop    Green Turtle Bay – a must stop marina!    A lock with a 92 foot lift!   Amazing Documents the transition from western rivers to ICW and the Gulf of Mexico.   Gulf crossing   TowBoatUS needed!    We wintered in Jacksonville for 3 months   Red-Right-Return? Not always!  Interesting facts on RED & GREEN!    Myrtle Beach area A great example of how one cannot trust Auto Route     Navigating Delaware River and Delaware Bay We took NJ ICW as we finished our Loop. Heading south 4 months later we took the outside route as the “weather window” was perfect.