We just crossed into Maryland? “Shelly, how many states is that?”
When approaching the port of Crisfield MD from the Bay, the wind turbine and large condos are what you’ll probably see first, then these fishing boats.
But to the right side, east of the large condo building, is the entrance to the Basin. Both the basin and it’s opening is quite a bit larger than we expected.

The two videos below give good perspective of what you’ll find in here.

We are on G-Dock to the right (east) of their fuel dock. New cement floating docks. Very nice!
The Blue dot is us on G-Dock. The shorter Fuel Dock is next to us. We passed it on our port side coming in. The staff was great on talking us in (VHF-16>9) and having dock hands waiting for us at the slip.
Lower left of cross hairs is the
anchorage… a lot more room than I thought. With the winds forecast for Easter Sunday, we’ll probably anchor in this basin for night-three.
Click to see video above.
Crab Capital of the World!
We had a little help with a flood tide for the second half of the passage; we were secured before the winds picked up at 1:00pm.

The Maryland Crab Cakes and Oysters were good at the Fisherman’s Grille tonight. We’ll try Linton’s tomorrow at lunch to compare. (The marina rents out a couple golf carts to get around town. It’s early in the season so we think our chances are pretty good.). Uber is the backup plan.

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